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Secrets to Getting a Cruise Cabin Upgrade

From a few extra square feet to a balcony cabin, any upgrade on a cruise can feel like hitting the jackpot. But, like airline and hotel upgrades, the odds of scoring a better room on a cruise are slim. While there’s no guarantee, these five tips will increase your chances of getting a cabin upgrade …

Luxe Life

5 Ways to Relax on a Cruise

Do you ever feel as if it takes the first couple days of your cruise just to decompress and get into vacation mode? That’s wasting precious time! Aside from the obvious – unplugging from social media and electronics as well as getting plenty of rest – here are five tips to help you relax on …

Luxe Life

Cruise Courtesy for Sharing Cabins

If you’ve ever had a roommate, then you know the significance of minding your manners. In adult life, there are situations when we all need to remember what it is like to coexist and sharing a cabin on a cruise ship is one of them. Whether your cruising with grandparents, a group of friends or …

Princess Cruises

Princess Adds Unique Alaskan Excursions

There’s no better way to learn about a destination than by talking with and watching the locals. Princess Cruises understands that locals provide a lot of experience and knowledge to travelers who are visiting a new destination, and they can serve as excellent guides! If you’re planning a cruise to Alaska, you’ll have the opportunity …


Intrepid Offers 2-for-1 Cruise Deal

Free travel is the best kind of travel to enjoy. You can take advantage of a free trip with Intrepid! If you are planning to explore Antarctica with Intrepid, you can also take advantage of a free Thailand cruise experience. This promo is being offered on bookings made now through July 31, 2019, so hurry! …

Luxe Life

How to Stay Healthy On Your Cruise

If you’ve ever booked a cruise only to be overcome by the stress of getting a stomach bug, while sailing, then we are here to put your mind at ease. The chances of actually contracting an acute gastrointestinal disease, such as norovirus is relatively low, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Because …

River Cruise

Can’t-Miss American River Cruises

From the mighty Mississippi to the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, America’s river cruises offer a host of dynamic landscapes, rich history and yummy cuisine. If you’re thinking of taking a river boat cruise, you’ll find that the United States has just as much to offer as Europe when it comes to river cruising. Two cruise lines …

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